Pwn2Win 2020 – Looking for Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for the fifth international edition of Pwn2Win CTF. Our event is currently one of the leading competitions on the scene, and we would like to give a worthy prize to our Top 3.

By sponsoring us, your company will earn visibility from the world’s top-notch hackers and, at the same time, help increase awareness in security education and research in a developing country.

About the event:

Pwn2Win is a thematic and multidisciplinary event organized by ELT, an interinstitutional security team from Brazil. It had its first edition in 2014 and became international in 2016. According to CTFTime, it is currently the best event hosted by a team from the Southern Hemisphere, rated >63 points. Throughout our editions, our format has been unique. We have pioneered many kinds of challenges, e.g. FPGA Reversing (2016), Quantum Circuit Reversing (2018), Adversarial Machine Learning (2017), besides many other hardcore challenges (e.g., Shift RegisterBathing and GroomingAttack Step 2016Calc, etc). Our CTFs are always challenging, with many advanced level tasks, but never dull, since we strive to offer a broad collection of challenges for every taste.

If you are interested, contact us via elt at