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A2S (Cryptography)

Accessing the Truth (Pwn)

Botnet – The Final Bypass (Miscellaneous)

C’mon See my Vulns (Web)

Highest Power (Reverse Engineering)

Illusion (Web)

Kangurei (Cryptography)

Lost Exponent (Misc)

MessageKeeper (Web)

Oh, Anna Julia (Cryptography)

Oldschool Adventures – Apple II (Miscellaneous)

PE Analysis (Reverse Engineering)

Rhiza – founded on the human being (Bonus)

Ruthless Monster (Web and Miscellaneous)

Small Talk (Web)

The Ethernet from Above (Hardware and Reverse Engineering)

t00 rare (Cryptography)


A payload to rule them all (Web)

Androids Encryption (Cryptography)

At Your Command (Pwn)

Hardware Trojan (Hardware)

IP Protection (Reverse Engineering)

Lost qKeys (Quantum)

Oldschool Adventures (Miscellaneous)

Omni Crypto (Cryptography)

OmniTmizer (Pwn)

S1 Protocol (Reverse Engineering and Cryptography)

Sound Maze 2.0 (PPC)

Stolen Backdoor (Pwn)

Trusted Node (Pwn)

Tukro (Pwn)

Watchers (Web)


AstroBot (Professional Programming and Coding)

Baby Recruiter (Web)

Bilinear Evil (Cryptography)

Calc (Web)

Cloud Admin (Miscellaneous)

Federated Sophia (Pwn)

Full tRoll (Pwn)

Future Message 1 (Pwn)

Future Message 2 (Pwn)

g00d b0y (Bonus)

HARPA Hyper quantum Login System (Reverse Engineering)

I Shall Never Be Anything (Reverse Engineering)

matRoSkA (Cryptography)

Random Crypto (Reverse Engineering and Cryptography)

Random Vault (Pwn)

real_ec (Cryptography)

Roots before branchs (Miscellaneous)

The last resort (Bonus)


A Segregated New World (Bonus)

Attack Step [First Flag] (Networking)

Back to Bletchley Park (Cryptography and Reverse Engineering)

Berg’s Club (Web)

GCM (Cryptography)

Message Board [First Flag] (Web)

Message Board [Second Flag] (Web)

Message Board [Third Flag] (Web)

Minishell (Pwn)

Super Gravitron Leet Edition (PPC)

The Bavarian Hierarchy (PPC-M)

Too Slow (Reverse Engineering)

TPM 2.0 (Pwn and Cryptography)

U L T R A M E G A P O L Y G L O T (Miscellaneous)


Achievement Unlocked (Reverse Engineering)

Asymmetric Encryption (Cryptography)

Baby Regex (Miscellaneous)

BlackBox Pentesting (Web)

Botnet in the wild (Miscellaneous)

Criminals (Web)

Differential Privacy (Cryptography)

Hidden Program (Pwn)

Intel SGX (Cryptography and Reverse Engineering)

Resistance (PPC-M)

Secure Path (PPC-M)

Tokens v2.0 (Pwn)

Top Secret (Eletronics)

Warehouse (Pwn)

Wrong User (Pwn)


Access Code (Net)

Auswählen (Reverse Engineering)

Bathing and Grooming (Web and Cryptography)

Brazilian Protests (Steganography)

d3lc1d10 (Steganography)

Death Sequence (PPC-M)

Dump (Forensics)

Electronic Ballot Box Prototype (Eletronics)

Facebug (Web)

Free Web Access (Web)

Hidden in Plain Sight (Forensics)

How to win (PPC-M)

iMathze (PPC)

Painel Message (Forensics)

QRGrams (PPC)


Secret Accounts (Pwn)

Secure Chat (Web)

Sequences (PPC)

Simple Cryptography (Cryptography)

Sleeper Cell (Reverse Engineering)

Square Infinite Spiral (PPC-M)

String Cryptography (Cryptography)

Suspect Router (Reverse Engineering)

Timekeeper’s Lock (Hardware and Reverse Engineering)

Tokens (Reverse Engineering)

V0t3 (Web)


70’s (Reverse Engineering)

fs (Forensics)